Ball Machine Rental

Our Playmate Ball Machine is great for 1 person trying to improve their shots. It is also great for 2 people or a husband and wife, wanting to hit at the same time but require a different speed and spin for their turn. It is also great for a family who can take turns, play with the kids and it becomes a weekly family activity. Whatever your needs, our ball machine can deliver. Our staff will set up the machine, teach you how to use it and gladly remind you during future visits. Great if nobody else is around to play, the Ball Machine is always a YES! Please call ahead to reserve as there must be a green clay court available (Courts #1 thru #4). The rental fee is $10 per hour, $7 per half hour or $150 per year (family of 3). With the annual membership, players can use every day for 1 hour, if they want!