Junior Development (Kids 10-18 Invitation Only)

Green Ball Development

Enhancing the technical biomechanics of the players strokes. Getting comfortable with different grips needed and discipline of these. Strong work on breaking down the serve mechanics to build a solid platform to start from along with beginning to work on the second serve. Looking at developing a tactical understanding in both singles and doubles with heavy emphasis on positioning. Players competing in all forms of match play.

Junior Tournament Training

Advancing the technical biomechanics, working on stroke discipline as well as more tactical development. Understanding their on court identity and developing weapons to be able to play to their strengths. Working on footwork patterns, different forms of stances along with positioning. Continued work on both first serve and second serves and using them to dictate points. Players competing in USTA tournaments.

Tournament Training Sessions Offered









Junior Performance Training

Reinforcement of technical skills, serving biomechanics and understanding the ability to load on shots and body weight distribution. Building shot variation into the players games. Challenging the players with making the right choices and footwork stances in specific areas of the court. Tactically and technically knowing the different ways to add pressure in points as well as neutralizing threats whilst in zones 1-9. Advanced level doubles, positioning, strategy and team work as well as singles tactical knowledge. Playing regular USTA tournaments.

Junior Performance Training Sessions Offered


Private Instruction

Able to work through all forms of shot type and the biomechanics needed. Getting players to play with intensity but without tension as they strike. Can work on singles or doubles basis, tactical play and strategy. Understanding footwork efficiency. Confidence on court and enjoying the sport.

Junior Ladder

The aim is to get the players to practice what they are learning in the group sessions in a live match environment. Players organizing their own matches and encouraging them to compete and practice new skills in a safe environment.

TTJL Team Tennis Junior League

One of the largest team tennis junior leagues in the state with upwards of 50 teams in Hillsborough County each season. FishHawk Ranch fields between 4 to 6 teams and has had up to 45 players in this citywide league. If selected into the Performance and Development Program, you will then be placed on a specific FHR team and get to compete in both singles and doubles competition in a weekly team format. Lots of fun and great match play competition for the kids while each match is being managed by the host facilities tennis professionals.

TC Tournaments

This is a singles specific tournament. Most divisions run by ages and from Beginning to Intermediate. Kids are grouped accordingly. Kids will play continuously for 2 to 2.5 hours. Top game winners will receive an award/trophy. Entry fee usually $25.

USTA Tournaments

Kids get up to 9 different levels and age groups. Tournaments everywhere. Achieve state and national ranking points. Performance and Development coaches will select certain tournaments where coaches will attend these select tournaments, based on a minimum enrollment number, and accommodate and travel to watch the players in action. This provides a great learning experience that will help with the child’s development.